"the Driver's Pit"

Welcome to "The Driver's Pit". The "Pit" is the place to provide both our new and seasoned drivers with up to date accurate information pertaining to the Mohawk International Raceway (MIR). The (MIR) invites all drivers, local and from a far to come participate in our weekly races. We offer some of the greatest prizes and competition around. Here at the MIR we provide a fair and friendly atmosphere that is geared at driver safety.  Below are some helpful links to get you started.

What's new a MIR:

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Each race at MIR is packed full with excitement and energy.  The fans packed in the stands, the smell of the fresh groomed track, the sound of engines roaring and suspense of each race make each trip to the Mohawk International Raceway packed full of energy and excitement for all drivers and their crew. 

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