Nick Mallette Wins Mod Lites

In Mod Lite Deric Ellsworth took the lead from the pole over Harley Brown Kevin Foster Dan Reif and Nick Mallette. On lap 2 Ellsworth looped his machine bringing out the first caution. Several early yellows would slow the race which would help out Nick Mallette. When the laps clicked off Nick Mallette would find himself with the lead over Foster, Brown, Ellsworth and Brad Reif. With the preferred groove around the bottom Nick Mallette did everything he could to keep it there while Foster and Deric Ellsworth made a great effort to get by for the lead. On the final lap Kevin Foster made a bid for the race lead on the high side of turn 3 but Nick Mallette was able to hold on and finally score his first ever feature win. Foster crossed a very close 2nd over Dan Reif, Deric Ellsworth and Harley Brown.