Rush Wins Two In A Row For Novice Sportsman

By Tim Baltz

In Novice Sportsman Thomas Jock III was in a familiar spot as he held the lead at the drop of the green flag over last week's winner Melvin Rush, Junior Delormier, Devon Guyette and Gregg Henry. Both Jock and Rush were the dominant cars and put on a show for the fans as they battled hard for the lead in the opening laps. Rush tried several times to get by on the top side but Jock remained up front and in control. At the halfway point Rush was tired of running 2nd as he took over the top spot leaving Thomas Jock III to battle with Junior Delormier for the 2nd spot. Even with a lap 10 caution Melvin Rush had the dominant car and charged away for his 2nd straight Novice Sportsman win of the year over Junior Delormier, Thomas Jock III, Devon Guyette and Brian McGinnley