18 Year Old Driver Claims First 358 Modified Win At Mohawk International Raceway In Akwesasne


The 358 Modified 30 lap event saw 18 year old Madison Mulder take the lead at the drop of the green but the lead would be short lived as the yellow flew for Carey Terrance who spun in turn 3. Terrance would rejoin at the tail of the field. On the restart Mulder would take control of the race with Brian McDonald Joel Doiron Corey Wheeler and Mike Maresca completing the top 5. Mulder had a stout car in the opening laps as behind him Brian McDonald had problems and headed to the pits under green while running in the number 2 spot. This would bring Doiron to 2nd with Maresca, Tim Fuller and Corey Wheeler making up the top 5. The race track began to change quickly and drivers started to find the top side to their liking as Madison Mulder continued to ride the cushion and stretch the lead to over a straight away by lap 15 over Doiron and Fuller. Over the next 6 laps Tim Fuller knew everyone was on the top side so the only way to catch the leader was from the bottom. Fuller did just that taking 2nd from Doiron in lapped traffic, and set sail after the leader. Mulder tried at will to navigate traffic but on lap 21 a slower car halted his pace allowing Fuller to sneak but on the bottom lane. Mulder tried the crossover move off turn 2 but Fuller was too strong and began to pull away. It appeared that the leader was going to march on to his 4th win of the season in dominant fashion, but coming to the white flag the motor expired on the front stretch handing the lead to Mulder. The 2nd year Modified driver made a clean final lap and cruised on to his first career 358 Modified victory. Joel Doiron crossed in 2nd with Mike Maresca Corey Wheeler and Ryan Arbuthnot completing the top 5.