Bandits Sharlow Takes Checkered

By Tim Baltz

The Bandit class saw 10 laps without a caution but the race did not lack one bit of action as veteran Gary Sharlow would lead the way early on but reigning track champion Richard Thorton was on the move and was looking for his 3rd straight win. Thorton did all he could to get by throughout the event using both outside and inside lanes but Sharlow stayed up front and in control. On the white flag lap Thorton had a great run on the top side of turn 1 and looked to be clear of Sharlow's machine. The 2 drivers made slight contact allowing Sharlow to retake the lead. From there Gary Sharlow would drive on to his first win of the season over Richard Thorton who crossed in 2nd with a flat right rear tire while Curtis Smith took a brand new car to 3rd at the checkered flag.