By: Tim Baltz


A great crowd was on hand for night number 1 of the Mohawk Nationals this past Friday night at the Mohawk International Raceway. St. Lawrence Radiology was on hand to witness race number 4 of the DirtCar 358 Modified series, the Go Nuclear Late Model Series and twin 20's for the TUSA Mod Lite Series. All drivers were ready for battle along with the great Mohawk fans.


The night began right away with the held over TUSA Mod Lite Series 20 lap feature from August. 5. Jeff May was the dominant force in his number 23 machine. May started up front and wasted no time going to the front of the pack as he led the way over Paul Klager, Deric Ellsworth, Jim Bogett and Dan Reif. May was literally on rails as he could go anywhere he wanted to on the speedway which helped him in lapped traffic while Klager, Reif, Bogett and Jeff Sykes all battled to try and stay within striking distance. No matter what the field did Jeff May had everyone covered as he scored his 2nd win of the season at MIR in a caution free event over Paul Klager, Dan Reif, Jeff Sykes and Steven Beckett.


In the night cap for the TUSA Mod Lite Series Jeff May once again was the man to beat as he drove out to a commanding lead over pole sitter Rej Lemieux, Dan Reif, Tyler Winger and Joe Isabell. Jeff May was on pace to try and make it another green to checkered event until lap 11 when Joe Isabell came to a stop in turn 2 bringing out the first yellow of the race. On the restart May continued to lead the way but 2 time 358 Modified champion at Mohawk, Jeff Sykes, was on the move. Sykes would make his way into the top 3 by lap 12 and would try at will to get by May for the lead. On lap 16 the first of several late cautions flew which gave Sykes every opportunity to get by for the win. On the final restart Jeff May did everything right as he stayed low and would march away to his 2nd win of the night and 3rd of the season over Sykes, Paul Klager, Dan Reif and Tyler Winger.


The DirtCar 358 Modified Series was ready to go for 75 laps as Gage Morin and the now 5 time track champion Billy Dunn would lead the field of 30 drivers to the green flag. Morin and Dunn would dice it up for the lead with neither driver getting a major advantage in the opening 10 laps with Erick Rudolph, Mario Clair and Jordan McCreadie giving chase. On lap 11 Nick Webb would bring out the first yellow of the night as he slowed in turn 4. On the restart Morin continued to lead but Dunn had a game plan. Driving his Rod McCready owned 949 machine Dunn would move by Morin on lap 16 leaving Morin to battle Erick Rudolph for 2nd over McCreadie and Clair. Dunn would begin to open up a big lead on the field and work the traffic with no problem but Rudolph would stay within a straight away and was looking to close in. Just past halfway Dunn continued his great drive but as the traffic got heavier Rudolph began to mount a charge. Rudolph would get to within 5 car lengths until lap 58 when Joey Ladouceur went off the speedway in turn 1 and the caution was out. When the green flew Billy Dunn was able to get away from Rudolph while Rookie Corey Wheeler was also mounting a late race charge as he closed in on the top 2 drivers. With 10 laps to go Dunn would build up another straight away lead over Rudolph and Wheeler while Gage Morin and Jordan McCreadie would finish out the top 5. At the finish Dunn was the man to beat scoring his 4th career DirtCar 358 Modified tour win at Mohawk and 3rd overall this year at MIR. Rudolph padded his points lead with a 2nd place effort over Corey Wheeler, Cornwall winner Gage Morin and Jordan McCreadie.


The Go Nuclear Late Model Series was making its return to MIR and Brandon Mowat was the class of the field through most of the 30 lap contest. AJ Kingsley would make it tough on him in the early going as the 2 drivers battled wheel to wheel for the top spot with Chad Homan, Phil Potts and defending series champion Charlie Sandercock closing fast. Mowat would break away from Kingsley by lap 14 and was putting some good distance on the field. As the field battled through traffic on lap 18, 3rd place runner Charlie Sandercock would tangle with a lapped machine on the front stretch, Sandercock would then quickly spin out in turn 2 ending his great run and possible shot at victory. Sandercock would return to finish 7th. When the green flew again AJ Kingsley did all he could to try and keep pace with Brandon Mowat while Homan, Chris Fleming and Phil Potts stayed close by. With 5 to go Mowat was in complete control and was out front by well over a straight away. In the end Brandon Mowat had the fastest car on the track and would claim his 2nd tour win of his career and his 2nd of the year by more than 4 seconds at the checkered flag. AJ Kingsley would come home 2nd with Chad Homan, Chris Fleming and Phil Potts crossing in 5th.


Saturday The good folks at Olsonfab will be on hand for day 2 of the Mohawk Nationals. The 3rd running of the Pete Mitchell Memorial takes place for the DIrtCar Sportsman Series along with the DirtCar Pro Stock Series, Richard Tenace Memorial for the Go Nuclear Late Models and the 3rd TUSA Mod Lite Series event of the weekend. Gates open at 2:30 with hot laps and time trials beginning at 4pm, the first green flag will drop on heat number 1 at 6:30 pm.


TUSA Mod Lite Series(from 8/5) (20 laps)

JEFF MAY, Paul Klager, Dan Reif, Jeff Sykes, Steven Beckett, Troy Van Allen, Harley Brown, Jeff Isabell, Michael Dion, Josh Kinney, Tyler Winger, Rej Lemieux, Craig Martin, Brad Reif, Deric Ellsworth, Tucker Halliday, Dave Brown, Jason Premo, Josy Fortier, Scott Mere, Nick Mallette, Kennith Denny, Dallas Denny, Karine Thibault, Joe Isabell


TUSA Mod Lite Series (20 laps)

JEFF MAY, Jeff Sykes, Paul Klager, Dan Reif, Tyler Winger, Jeff Isabell, Troy Van Allen, Steven Beckett, Deric Ellsworth, Nick Mallett, Josh Kinney, Scott Mere, Kevin Foster, Justin Williams, Craig Martin, Jason Paige, Sam Osborne, Brady Rookey, Brad Reif, Josy Fortier, Ben Cartier, Rej Lemieux, Jason Premo, Michael Forcier, Kevin Paranta, Harley Brown, Matt Fregoe, Kennith Denny, Michael Dion, Tucker Halliday, Dave Brown, Karine Thibault, Dallas Denny, Joe Isabell


DirtCar 358 Modified Series St. Lawrence Radiology (75 laps)

BILLY DUNN, Erick Rudolph, Corey Wheeler, Gage Morin, Jordan McCreadie, Carey Terrance, Mario Clair, Michael Parent, David Hebert, Lance Willix, Chris Raabe, Brian McDonald, Yan Bussiere, Bobby Herrington, Paul St. Sauver, Madison Mulder, Tommy Flannigan, Joey Ladouceur, John Mulder, Joel Doiron, Roy Delormier, Matt Woodruff, Luke Whitteker, Kayle Robidoux, Tommy Jock Jr., Maxime Viens, Brian Hudson, Zack Aubertine, Nick Webb, Josh VanBrocklin DNQ: Danny O'Brien, Roger Levesque, Craig Collier, Robert Delormier, Mike Stacey, Billy Eisle






Go Nuclear Late Model Series(30 laps)

BRANDON MOWAT, AJ Kingsley, Chad Homan, Chris Fleming, Phil Potts, Kyle Sopaz, Charlie Sandercock, Greg Belyea, Norman Mayhew, Adam Turner, Terry Hunt, Sean Beardsley, Mark Rayner, Billy Eisle, Austin Reid, Trevor Lewis, Brian Down, Dale Caswell, Sammy Pennacchio, Shane Tenace






By: Tim Baltz


Since Mother Nature decided to hold up the program on Saturday night with rain the officials at the Mohawk International Raceway were ready to go racing early Sunday Morning as drivers were wide awake and up on the wheel on a very slick race surface.


The day started off with the final 43 laps of the DirtCar Pro Stock Series race as Stephane Lebrun would take the lead at the drop of the green flag over Jocelyn Roy and Lebanon Valley Speedway champion Rob Yetman. Lebrun had a stout machine early on but Autodrome Granby and Drummond champion Jocelyn Roy would make several early challenges for the lead. On lap 9 John Greene would slow in turn 3 bringing out the caution. When the green flew it was Rob Yetman taking the lead using the extreme outside lane with Roy, Lebrun, Albany Saratoga Speedway champion Robbie Speed and Bruno Cyr completing the top 5. Yetman and Roy would continue a great side by side battle until the yellow flew on lap 20 for Dustin Bradley who stopped in turn 3. When the green flew Yetman held the lead but a new challenger in the form of Can-Am regular Shawn Kirby, who started to charge forward moving to 4th on lap 22, then would move by Speed on lap 25 and tried at will to run down the leaders. As the laps wound down Yetman looked to have the race in hand but on lap 40 Jocelyn Chicoine slowed to a stop in turn 2 bringing out the final yellow. When the green flew it was a classic side by side battle between the veteran Yetman and Shawn Kirby. The top 2 raced wheel to wheel until lap 45 when Kirby used the extreme inside to take over the lead. From there it was no contest as Shawn Kirby would pull away to score his first career DirtCar Pro Stock Series win over Yetman, Roy, Robbie Speed and Bruno Cyr.


The TUSA Mod Lite Series was set for their 3rd and final race of the weekend and the one question remaining was could anyone stop Jeff May. Paul Klager would make a valiant effort to do just that in the early going as he led the opening 7 laps over Jeff May Joe Isabell Dan Reif and Harley Brown. The top 2 drivers were clearly the class of the field on this day as they pulled away from Isabell by a full straight away. Klager and May would put on a great side by side battle for the lead until lap 14 when Jeff May flexed his muscle, taking the lead away on the high side leaving Klager in 2nd over Isabell, Reif and Brown. Without the aid of a yellow Paul Klager would rely on lapped cars to help him close in on May. With 5 to go Jeff May was caught in some heavy traffic and Klager knew this was the time to make something happen. With 1 to go Klager tried every lane on the speedway but it was not meant to be as Jeff May would march on to his 4th win of the season at Mohawk but more importantly a clean sweep of all 3 TUSA Series races. Klager would cross close behind in 2nd over Joe Isabell, Harley Brown and Tyler Winger who got by Dan Reif on the final lap to finish 5th.


The biggest paying Sportsman race of the season at Mohawk was ready to go as the 100 lap Olson Fab Pete Mitchell Memorial DirtCar Sportsman series race would see the green flag from Austin Swamp and Troyer Sipple. Thomas Cook would lead the opening 5 laps over Jordan Kelly Johnathon Ferguson, Robert Delormier and Mike Stacey. Cook was quick in the early going as he held a comfortable lead until lap 10 when Anthony Rasmussen would spin off the speedway in turn 2. When the green flew on lap 14 Cook continued to lead but Shane Pecore was on the charge from his 9th starting spot as he grabbed 2nd over Delormier, Ferguson and tour regular Martin Pelletier. On lap 22 the 2nd yellow flew for Gilles Godard who made contact with the turn 3 wall. Godard would be towed away but made repairs and returned to the speedway. 1 lap later Ricky Thompson would also spin in turn 3 bringing out another quick yellow. When the caution was put away Thomas Cook would regain the lead but would have some company as Pecore was there to challenge. The top 2 drivers put on a great show for the fans until the yellow flew for the 4th time as George Sanford clipped an infield tire breaking the front end on his machine. On a lap 46 restart Shane Pecore took over the lead and would not let go for the next 8 laps as the competition yellow flew on lap 54. This was the 10 minute pit stop to allow drivers to change Hoosier Racing Tires, add VP Racing Fuel and do whatever necessary to make their cars better. When that was taken care of the green returned and Pecore again would drive away from the field over Cook, Tyler Meeks who came from 12th to 3rd Johnathon Ferguson and Ryan Stabler. As the laps clicked off the race track started to take on rubber and everyone was fighting for the low lane which proved to be a huge advantage for the leader. With Pecore setting the pace Thomas Cook, Tyler Meeks, Ferguson and Louie Jackson Jr. would try their best to stay close. On lap 81 the last yellow flew for Anthony Rasmussen who spun in turn 2. When the green flew Pecore remained in control and without an outside lane available nobody was getting by the Brockville and Cornwall Speedway champion as he would march on to the biggest win of his career taking the Olson Fab Pete Mitchell Memorial 100. Cook settled for 2nd followed by Tyler Meeks, Louie Jackson Jr. charged from 20th to 4th with Mike Stacey claiming his best Sportsman tour finish crossing in 5th.


The 2016 regular season is complete but next Saturday the curtain will fall with the annual Slick Track Enduro with gates opening at 9am and the first green flag will drop at 11:30am.


DirtCar Sportsman Olson Fab Pete Mitchell Memorial 100

SHANE PECORE, Thomas Cook, Tyler Meeks, Louie Jackson Jr., Mike Stacey, Moise Page, Shane Stearns, Martin Pelletier, Robert Delormier, Zach Arquiett, Jessica Power, Delbert Legrow Sr., Johnathon Ferguson, Matt Farnham, Chris Cunningham, Miguel Peterson, Jackson Gill, Adam Rozon, Jordan Kelly, Brian Hudson, Jesse Hudson, Joel Hargrave, Styles Arquiett, Ryan Stabler, Alex Lajoie, George Sanford, Anthony Rasmussen, Ricky Thompson, Taylor Caprara, Gilles Godard, Brianna Ladouceur


DNQ: Sean Beardsley, Troy Fleming, Sid Harmer Jr., Andy Howard, Greg Snyder, Shawn Shaw, Cedric Gauvreau, Kyle Sharp, Dudes Thompson, Tim Smythe, Justin White, Thunder Anderson, Dave Rogers, Brad Rouse, Daryl Mitchell, Joel Herne, Justin Cooke, Connor Dawdy, Chris Thurston, Melvin Rush, Dana Francis, Wyatt Mullin, Billy Cook, Mike Mandigo, Delbert Legrow Jr., Gabriel Cyr


DirtCar Pro Stock Series Pete Mitchell Memorial 50

SHAWN KIRBY, Rob Yetman, Robbie Speed, Jocelyn Roy, Bruno Cyr, Stephane Lebrun, Dean Charbonneau, Justin Desrosiers, Gus Hollner, CD Beauchamp, Stephane Lariviere, Kevin Fetterly Jr., Marc Lalonde, Preston Forbes, Roch Aubin, Owen White, Steve Chaput, John Greene, Dustin Bradley, Jocelyn Chicoine, PJ Peters, Mike White, Jeff Hunter, Dave Seguin, Guy Viens




TUSA Mod Lite Series (25 laps)

JEFF MAY, Paul Klager, Joe Isabell, Harley Brown, Tyler Winger, Dan Reif, Deric Ellsworth, Steven Beckett, Rej Lemieux, Kevin Foster, Scott Mere, Ryan Halliday, Josh Kinney, Nick Mallette, Brad Reif, Josee Fortier, Brady Rookey, Jason Premo, Matt Fregoe, Justin Williams




By: Tim Baltz


Night number 2 of the Mohawk Nationals at the Mohawk International Raceway was slated to go next but threatening skies would force several delays to get the track in racing condition. With all the delays it didn't stop the racers as they did their best to beat Mother Nature.


The Go Nuclear Late Model 40 lap Richard Tenace Memorial was set for battle and action was happening right on the initial green flag as Brian Down and Shane Tenace made contact sending Tenace into the infield in turn 1 and Brian Down to the outside of the corner. The caution flag flew giving Tenace a chance to get re-fired, however Down would be unable to continue. When the green came out defending series champion Charlie Sandercock would set a torrid pace in the early going over Kyle Sopaz, Chad Homan, Phil Potts, Friday night winner Brandon Mowat and Phil Potts. Sandercock was driving like a mad man as he pulled out to a commanding leadin the opening 20 laps and worked traffic perfectly while Homan and Sopaz battled for 2nd and 3rd. Homan would take the spot away while behind them Brandon Mowat would get to the 4th spot by Phil Potts and try to run down the top 3. Meanwhile Sandercock continued his great run building up a 3.5 second lead with 15 to go but Brandon Mowat was making a serious bid to the front. On lap 28 he took over 3rd from Kyle Sopaz and did all he could to close in on Sandercock and Homan. The only thing that would possibly help Mowat was a caution. However on this night it would not happen as Charlie Sandercock would dominate the entire 40 lap affair for his 3rd series win of the year and 4th at Mohawk. Homan settled for 2nd with Mowat, Kyle Sopaz and Phil Potts completing the top 5.


The DirtCar Pro Stock Series was set to go for 50 laps. Stephane Lebrun came into the evening as the points leader and would lead the way in the opening 6 laps over Jocelyn Roy, Mike White, Justin Desrosiers and Rob Yetman. Sadly on lap 7 the skies opened up forcing officials to cancel the remainder of the program until Sunday morning.


The schedule of events for Sunday morning will see gates open at 10 am with hot laps getting underway at 11 and the Pro Stock feature resuming from lap 7 at Noon sharp. The remainder of the program will see 3 last chance qualifiers for the DirtCar Sportsman Series, TUSA Mod Lite Series 20 lap event and the Olson Fab Pete Mitchell Memorial 100 for the DirtCar Sportsman Series. It's an early start but it's worth it to watch some great racing action at MIR.


Go Nuclear Late Model Richard Tenace Memorial 40

CHARLIE SANDERCOCK, Chad Homan, Brandon Mowat, Kyle Sopaz, Phil Potts, AJ Kingsley, Mark Rayner, Dale Caswell, Chris Fleming, Sean Beardsley, Adam Turner, Greg Belyea, Norm Mayhew, Austin Reid, Terry Hunt, Alan Chapman, Sam Pennachio, Brian Down



DirtCar Sportsman Series Heat Winners

Heat 1: Miguel Peterson

Heat 2: Johnathon Ferguson

Heat 3: Shane Pecore

Heat 4: Brianna Ladouceur

Heat 5: Mike Stacey

Heat 6: Ryan Stabler


DirtCar Sportsman Fast Time

Johnathon Ferguson- 16.899


DirtCar Pro Stock Series Heat Winners

Heat 1: Bruno Cyr

Heat 2: Shawn Kirby

Heat 3: Roch Aubin

Heat 4: Jocelyn Roy


DirtCar Pro Stock Fast Time

Roch Aubin- 18.709


TUSA Mod Lite Series Heat Winners

Heat 1: Joe Isabell

Heat 2: Doug Williams

Heat 3: Paul Klager




By: Tim Baltz


Final points night, double features for Sportsman and Bandit, 50 lap 358 Modified feature, a packed house, what does that equal? A recipe for a fantastic night of racing at the Mohawk International Raceway this past Friday night. Long time speedway supporters Frenchie's Chevrolet and Frenchie's Ford were treated to some great racing as feature winners and track champions were all honored.


The night began with some held over features from our rained out program on August. 5. The Sportsman division was set for battle and it would be a battle between Ricky Thompson and Robert Delormier for the top spot in the early going of the 25 lap event. Thompson would get the advantage on lap 5 while Robert Delormier and Moise Page would have a great battle for the 2nd spot. On lap 6 Delormier would run down the leader Thompson and take over the position just as the first caution flag flew. On the restart Delormier got a great jump on the field while Thompson did his best to fight off Page and Brianna Ladouceur for 3rd and 4th while rookie Jesse Hudson completed the top 5. With Delormier out in front Ricky Thompson was charging hard and looking to run down the leader. On lap 16 a scary incident involving Moise Page and Troy Fleming brought out the red as Fleming would end up on his roof in turn 2. Both drivers would climb oiut uninjured.Over the final laps Robert Delormier was in complete control in his Thompson Motorsports machine as he cruised to his 3rd win of the season at Mohawk. Ricky Thompson came home 2nd with Brianna Ladouceur, Louie Jackson Jr. and Jesse Hudson crossing 5th.


The Bandit division had their 10 lap feature next from August. 5th and Richard Thorton was looking to close his championship season with a big win. Thorton would lead the opening 7 laps until Jon Gifford was able to take over the top spot after a great battle. From there Gifford would drive away to score his 2nd win of the season over Thorton and last year's champion Shane Ray.


In the regular scheduled action the 35 Modifieds were ready for battle as not only was the battle for the win on the line but Billy Dunn and Jordan McCreadie were both fighting to see who would bring the Mohawk title back to Watertown in 2016, both drivers would line up in row 3 for the start. When the green flew Middlebury Vermont's Todd Stone would get the advantage into turn while Tim Fuller, Carey Terrance, Billy Dunn and last week's winner Corey Wheeler would complete the top 5. Stone has won many features in his career at MIR and would lead the opening 7 laps of the 50 lap contest. Fuller had other ideas and would take over the position with Stone now 2nd over Dunn, Terrance and Ryan Arbuthnot. With Fuller out in front Billy Dunn was doing all he needed to do to hang on to a possible 5th straight track title as he ran in 2nd while his nearest competitor Jordan McCreadie was stuck in traffic running in the 7th spot. The event would run caution free until lap 23 as Madison Mulder came into contact with an infield tire in turn 4. Mulder would be able to continue at the tail of the field. On the restart Dunn did all he could to stay with the veteran but Fuller remained up front and in charge with Arbuthnot, Wheeler and Terrance completing the top 5. As the laps wound down Tim Fuller was getting closer to his 2nd win of the year as he held a straight away lead but the caution flew again on lap 41 as Todd Stone, who was running 6th, would lose the handle on his machine in turn 1 on lap 41. On the restart Fuller would fight off Billy Dunn for the lead and pull away while behind them Jordan McCreadie was trying everything he could to close in as he went from 8th to 5th on lap 42 and was on the move. Over the final 8 laps Fuller would pull away to a straight away advantage and score his 2nd win of the 2016 season while Billy Dunn crossed in 2nd good enough to wrap up his 5th straight 358 Modified title. Carey Terrance had a great night coming home 3rd while Ryan Arbuthnot and Jordan McCreadie would complete the top 5. 


The regular scheduled Sportsman feature was set for battle and Louie Jackson Jr. had already wrapped up his first ever Sportsman track title but wanted to close out the year with a big win. Jordan Miller was the class of the field in the early laps as he led the way over Chris Frennier, Jesse Hudson, Zack Arquiett and Justin White. Miller would lead the opening 8 laps of the event until the first yellow flew for a 4 car tangle in turns 1 & 2. On the restart Miller continued to lead but had a challenger in the form of Zack Arquiett. On lap 9 Arquiett flexed his muscle as he took over the top spot bringing Jesse Hudson and Moise Page to 2nd and 3rd while Miller and Thomas Cook completed the top 5. Arquiett was on a mission to claim his 2nd of the year but reigning Mod Lite champion Jesse Hudson was on the charge and challenging Arquiett for the top spot. On lap 16 he would take it away and pull out to a commanding lead. With Moise Page, Thomas Cook and Sid Harmer Jr. now 5th. Hudson had a huge lead on the field with 6 to go and seemed like nothing was stopping him on this night. However that all changed as Jamie LaFountain made contact with an infield tire spinning out. This triggered a pile up in turn 4 and race leader Hudson had no place to go and was collected. All drivers pulled away with the exception of Troy Fleming who suffered heavy front end damage and Hudson who had major left rear damage ending his shot at victory. This left Thomas Cook in front but Moise Page was looking to take home his first ever win. On lap 21 Page would do take over the lead and battle Cook in the closing laps. Coming to the checkered flag Moise Page would stay committed to the bottom and hold off Cook to score his first ever Sportsman win by a half car length over Cook, Arquiett, Brianna Ladouceur and Sid Harmer Jr.


The Novice Sportsman division saw Dudes Thompson take over the lead on lap 4 and was running a great race looking for his 2nd on the season over Okwari White, Dana Francis, Jamie Begor and Melvin Rush. Begor would make his way to 2nd and would get to within 4 car lengths of Thompson. Without the aid of a yellow flag Thompson had everything going his way on this night and would close out his 2016 Novice Sportsman campaign with his 2nd feature win of the year over Begor, Okwari White, Dana Francis and Melvin Rush.


The Mod Lite class had a great championship battle as well as Harley Brown and Deric Ellsworth would battle it out for the season title. Pole Sitter Kevin Foster would lead the way early on over Scott Mere and Dan Reif. Foster was in complete control during the entire 15 lap affair while behind the leaders Deric Ellsworth and Harley Brown continued their battle for the title as Brown ran in 4th while Ellsworth would hold on to 6th just past the halfway point. With the race going 15 caution free laps nobody was catching Kevin Foster as he dominated scoring his 2nd win of the season over Dan Reif, Scott Mere, Harley Brown and Scott Waldrif. Deric Ellsworth would hold on to 6th which was just enough to claim his first Mod Lite title.


The Bandit division was set to go with their 10 lap regular scheduled event and action would get going right away at the drop of the green flag. 5 cars came together on the front stretch bringing out the yellow but all were able to continue on. Once the raced got going Richard Thorton would lead the way but would suffer a flat right rear which allowed Brett Barkley to take over the lead from Thorton while Gifford, Joe McNichols and Shane Ray would complete the top 5. Gifford would get around Thorton who still was keeping pace with that flat tire but eventually did go pit side ending his shot at the win. Behind these driver Joe McNichols was in search of his 2nd win of the year but had some ground to make up to try and catch Gifford. On lap 3 Gifford made his move getting by Barkley for the lead and began to pull away. McNichols would make it close at the finish but it wasn’t meant to be as Jon Gifford would claim his 2nd win on the night and 3rd of the season over McNichols, Shane Ray, Johnny Messenger and Gary Sharlow.


The staff and management would like to thank all teams, drivers and especially the great race fans for all the support in 2016 as the regular season has come to an end. Racing at Mohawk is not over by a long shot as in 2 weeks time the Mohawk Nationals weekend is set to take place as the 358 Modified, Sportsman and Pro Stock Super DirtCar Series will all be on hand along with 3 TUSA Mod Lite Series Races and a twin bill for the Go Nuclear Late Models on September 16th and 17th. Stay tuned to our website at for all the info on the big weekend.  


358 Modified

TIM FULLER, Billy Dunn, Carey Terrance, Ryan Arbuthnot, Jordan McCreadie, Zach Aubertine, Corey Wheeler, Chris Raabe, Todd Stone, Brian McDonald, John Mulder, David Papineau, Keith Weston, Gage Morin, Madison Mulder, Matt Woodruff, George Foley


Track Champion: Billy Dunn(5th straight)


Sportsman (From 8/5)

ROBERT DELORMIER, Ricky Thompson, Brianna Ladouceur, Louie Jackson Jr., Jesse Hudson, Mike Stacey, Joel Hargrave, Zack Arquiett, Sid Harmer Jr., Anthony Rasmussen, Gabriel Cyr, Thomas Cook, Greg Snyder, Billy Cook, Moise Page, Chris Frennier, Tim Smythe, Delbert Legrow, Jordan Miller, Troy Fleming, Delbert Legrow Jr., Kyle Sharp


Track Champion: Louie Jackson Jr.



MOISE PAGE, Thomas Cook, Zack Arquiett, Brianna Ladouceur, Sid Harmer Jr., Louie Jackson Jr., Joel Hargrave, Robert Delormier, Justin White, Anthony Rasmussen, Miguel Peterson, Mike Stacey, Adam Rozon, Greg Snyder, Jordan Miller, Jamie Begor, Wyatt Mullin, Delbert Legrow Jr., Delbert Legrow, Jamie LaFountain, Tim Smythe, Jesse Hudson, Ricky Thompson, Bruce Makinson, Troy Fleming, Chris Frennier, Styles Arquiett, Gabriel Cyr, Billy Cook, Justin Lalancette


Novice Sportsman

DUDES THOMPSON, Jamie Begor, Okwari White, Dana Francis, Melvin Rush, Junior Delormier, Brian McGinnley, Justin Cooke, Suzi Roy, JP Herne, Thunder Anderson


Mod Lite

KEVIN FOSTER, Dan Reif, Scott Mere, Harley Brown, Scott Waldrif, Deric Ellsworth, Nick Mallette, Brad Reif, Jason Premo, Brady Rookey, Dallas Denny, Ken Denny


Track Champion: Deric Ellsworth


Bandit (From 8/5)

JON GIFFORD, Richard Thorton, Shane Ray, Lucas Brown, Brett Barkley, Johnny Messenger, Melissa Gifford, (DNS) Harold Lavair, (DNS) Sharlann Diabo



JON GIFFORD, Joe McNichols, Shane Ray, Johnny Messenger, Gary Sharlow, Melissa Gifford, Sharlann Diabo, Brett Barkley, Lucas Brown, Richard Thorton, Mike Gaucher


Track Champion: Richard Thorton




By: Tim Baltz


Yet another double header night for the 358 Modifieds was in store this past Friday night at the Mohawk International Raceway. The held over event from August the 5th would kick off the evening plus a 50/50 jackpot that began at $1350 gave fans something to go for as well. The good folks at White's Plumbing and Heating, Action Race Parts and Number 1 Speed Equipment and the great fans were in for a great evening.


The held over 358 Modified 30 lap event from August 5th saw Gage Morin Power his way out to the early lead over Billy Dunn, Corey Wheeler, John Mulder and Chris Raabe. After struggling the last few weeks, Morin was looking really strong in the opening laps as he pulled away from a quality field by lap 10. Billy Dunn was also strong on this night as he closed in on the race leader looking for an opening. At the halfway point Morin still held the lead but the 4 time champion was right there to challenge. Off turn 2 on lap 16 Billy Dunn made his move for the lead but was not able to do so allowing Morin to drive away and in the process allow Wheeler to make a race out of it for the 2nd spot. With 10 laps to go Gage Morin was in complete control over Dunn, Wheeler, Brian McDonald and Chris Raabe, who was having a great battle with Ryan Arbuthnot for the 5th position. With the event going 30 laps caution free, Gage Morin led 27 of the 30 laps including the most important one to score his first win since September 4th of last year at Mohawk. Billy Dunn kept control of the points lead with a 2nd place effort, Corey Wheeler, Brian McDonald and Ryan Arbuthnot would nip Chris Raabe at the line for 5th at the checkered flag.


The regular scheduled 30 lap feature for the 358 Modifieds saw Bloomingdale New York's George Foley be the talk of the event as he charged out to a commanding lead over David Papineau, Brian McDonald, Corey Wheeler and Ryan Arbuthnot. After many seasons on the asphalt in a 358 Modified Foley has learned a lot since becoming a regular on the dirt at Mohawk as he pulled away from everyone with Corey Wheeler moving from 4th to 2nd on lap 6 bringing Arbuthnot to the 3rd spot with McDonald and now Gage Morin making up the top 5. Corey Wheeler was fast in the first feature and the 2nd event was no different as he slowly reeled in the leader as lap 10 went up on the scoreboard. On lap 11 Madison Mulder came to a stop in turn 2 bringing out the first yellow of the night. When the green flew Foley remained the leader but Corey Wheeler and Ryan Arbuthnot were there to challenge. Arbuthnot made the first move as he stormed by Wheeler for 2nd, then closed in on Foley for the lead with McDonald and now Tim Fuller making up the top 5 drivers. On lap 16 Ryan Arbuthnot made the pass on the top side of turn 2 to take over the lead and start to pull away. As the laps clicked off Ryan Arbuthnot was on a mission as he held a 7 car length lead while Wheeler did all he could do to keep pace. With 5 laps remaining Wheeler was beginning to close in on the leader but Arbuthnot was determined and kept his foot to the floor on a fast race track. Coming into turn 3 with the white flag set to come out something broke on the Arbuthnot R70 sending him pit side. Wheeler would take control of the race at the white flag and would not look back scoring an emotional first career 358 Modified victory over Fuller who made a late charge into 2nd. George Foley came home a solid 3rd while Billy Dunn and Brian McDonald made up the top 5.


The Sportsman division was set to close out the Number 1 Speed Equipment Sportsman Series with a special 35 lap contest. 14 year old Anthony Rasmussen would use the redraw to his advantage by drawing the pole position and racing out to a big lead in the opening laps, over Robert Delormier, Thomas Cook, Joel Hargrave and Moise Page. Rasmussen looked to have everything going his way but Robert Delormier was on the move in his Troyer chassis as he closed in o Rasmussen. On lap 9 Delormier would take control of the race with Rasmussen now 2nd over Thomas Cook, Page along with Series and overall track points leader Louie Jackson Jr. now 5th. Delormier was driving hard and working traffic with no problems until the first yellow flew for Zack Arquiett who slowed on the back stretch with a problem. When the green flew Delormier got a great start as he once again pulled away from the field as Moise Page made a big move taking the 2nd spot away from Rasmussen as Jackson and Thomas Cook still completed the top 5. On lap 19 Justin White had problems in turn 2 coming to a stop, and the caution flew for the 2nd time. When the green came back out, much like the previous restart, Delormier once again powered away from the field and looked to be the dominant force as he pulled away from Page while Jackson worked his machine to position number 3 over Rasmussen with Cook still 5th. The driver on the move in the late stages was Louie Jackson Jr. having charged to 3rd at the drop of the green, he immediately went after Moise Page for 2nd and the chase was on. The caution flew once again on lap 22 forcing another restart. Delormier once again remained solid leading the way with Jackson right there to challenge over Page, Thomas Cook and now Brianna Ladouceur in 5th. As the laps wound down, so did Delormier's lead as Jackson was chipping away and looking to not only claim his 2nd win of the year, but also capture the Series title as well. With 5 to go the leaders were in some heavy traffic allowing Jackson to make a run at Delormier for the top spot. Delormier however would find a way through the lapped traffic and would go unchallenged the final 4 laps to record his first ever Number One Speed Equipment Series win and 2nd of the 2016 season. Louie Jackson Jr. came home 2nd which sealed up his first series title. Moise Page finished a solid 3rd while Brianna Ladouceur and Thomas Cook completed the top 5.


The biggest Novice Sportsman field of the year saw 16 drivers take the green flag at the start of the 15 lap affair. Thunder Anderson has been solid the last few weeks and on this night would jump out to the early advantage over JP Herne, Okwari White, Styles Arquiett and Dudes Thompson. With the leader pulling away Anderson seemed destined to score his first ever win in the division but 2 time winner this year Styles Arquiett had other ideas. Arquiett would run down the leader by lap 7 and by half way, would take over the top spot with Herne, White and Thompson completing the top 5. On lap 8 the only yellow flew for a 2 car tangle in turn 3 involving Brian McGinnley and Melvin Rush. When the green flew Arquiett had a powerful machine as he drove out to a commanding lead over Anderson and White. After 2 early wins in 2016 and several top 3 finishes, Styles Arquiett finally found his way back as he recorded his 3rd win of the season. Thunder Anderson finished a solid 2nd while Dudes Thompson, Jamie Begor and Shaun Shaw would round out the top 5.


The Mod Lite class was also on the card and Kevin Foster would take advantage of his pole starting spot as he took the lead early on over Scott Mere and Dan Reif. Foster had not won since July. 15 and was poised to get back into the winners circle but both Mere and Reif were making it tough on the race leader. On lap 6 Scott Mere would take over the top spot but Deric Ellsworth was also on the move from near the back of the pack and was looking for the lead. Ellsowrth would do just that on lap 7 taking the top spot away from Mere while Reif, Foster and Harley Brown making up the top 5. as the laps clicked off Deric Ellsworth was out to a huge lead and was in great position for yet another victory. Behind the leader Harley Brown was making some big moves late but nobody was catching Ellsworth on this night as the Massena New York native would go unmatched for his 5th win of the year and 3rd in a row in Mod Lite. Scott Mere came home 2nd with Brown,  Dan Reif and Kevin Foster making up the top 5.


The Bandit 10 lap feature was ready for battle as defending track champion Shane Ray would take over the lead with Westport Ontario's Joe McNichols invading the speedway and challenging for the top spot. The top 2 ran side by side but McNichols was able to take over the lead while Gary Sharlow, in a brand new car, was able to move into 2nd while Ray, Brett Barkley and points leader Richard Thorton completed the top 5. McNichols had without a doubt the fastest car on the track and would hold off a late race run by Gary Sharlow to record his first Bandit victory at Mohawk. Sharlow settled for 2nd while Ray, Barkley and Thorton would round out the top 5 finishers.


Next week its final points night in all classes plus double features for the Sportsman and Bandits as they make up their event from August. 5th plus a 50 lap 358 Modified Labor Day Championship. With 7 great features in store, you won’t want to miss the action. The Green flag drops at 7:30pm.


358 Modified(From August. 5)

GAGE MORIN, Billy Dunn, Corey Wheeler, Brian McDonald, Ryan Arbuthnot, Tim Fuller, Chris Raabe, Carey Terrance, Jordan McCreadie, Jeremy Wilder, Matt Woodruff, David Papineau, John Mulder, Madison Mulder Keith Weston, Zach Aubertine, George Foley


358 Modified

COREY WHEELER, Tim Fuller, George Foley, Billy Dunn, Brian McDonald, Jordan McCreadie, Zach Aubertine, Carey Terrance, Chris Raabe, Jeremy Wilder, David Papineau, Keith Weston, John Mulder, Matt Woodruff, Ryan Arbuthnot, Madison Mulder, Gage Morin


Number One Speed Equipment Sportsman Series Final

ROBERT DELORMIER, Louie Jackson Jr., Moise Page, Brianna Ladouceur, Thomas Cook, Justin Lalancette, Mike Stacey, Joel Hargrave, Ryan Stabler, Sid Harmer Jr., Anthony Rasmussen, Wyatt Mullin, Jesse Hudson, Bruce Makinson, Delbert Legrow, Zack Arquiett, Jamie LaFountain, Gabriel Cyr, Gilles Godard, Brian Comeau, Greg Snyder, Ricky Thompson, Chris Frennier, Jordan Miller, Tim Smythe, Troy Fleming, Billy Cook, Justin White, Delbert Legrow Jr.


Mod Lite

DERIC ELLSWORTH, Scott Mere, Harley Brown, Dan Reif, Kevin Foster, Nick Mallette, Scott Waldrif, Rich Rainville, Jason Premo, Stephane Bernier, Frank Nortz, Karine Thibault, Brady Rookey, Ken Denny, Dallas Denny


Novice Sportsman

STYLES ARQUIETT, Thunder Anderson, Dudes Thompson, Jamie Begor, Shaun Shaw, JP Herne, Okwari White, Kyle Simmons, Pascal Racette, Junior Delormier, Melvin Rush, Dana Francis, Cole Davidson, 27A, Justin Cook, Brian McGinnley




JOE MCNICHOLS, Gary Sharlow, Shane Ray, Brett Barkley, Richard Thorton, Johnny Messenger, Lucas Brown




By: Tim Baltz

With a night of threatening weather looming it didn't stop the top drivers at the Mohawk International Raceway this past Friday night as the Bandit's were ready for a double dip and a huge field for the first TUSA Mod Lite appearance in 2016.


In the Bandit 10 lap event CJ Lavair was on a mission looking for his first Mohawk win in the Bandit class. On lap 7 that mission came to an end as mechanical issues sidelined him for the night. This left defending track champion Shane Ray in control of the field with nearly a half track lead. Over the remaining 3 laps Ray was on cruise control as he scored his first ever Bandit feature win. Richard Thorton held on for 2nd while Lucas Brown crossed in 3rd.


In the regular 15 lap Novice Sportsman feature Jamie LaFountain was the man in charge as he charged away from the field looking for his 2nd win of the year. On lap 4 Thunder Anderson lost control of his car bringing out the only caution. From the restart on through to the finish Jamie LaFountain would go unchallenged to score his 2nd win in the last 4 weeks over Junior Delormier and Dana Francis.


After all qualifying heats finished up the skies opened up forcing the remaining features to be run at later dates. The schedule over the next month at Mohawk is going to be extremely busy as track officials have confirmed the following dates for the makeup features.


August. 19 the held over 358 Modified 30 lap event from July. 22 will take place along with the final round of the Bailey Motor Company 358 Modified Series 30 lapper. The Quebec Lightning Sprints, Eastern Ontario Vintage Stock Car Club, Sportsman and Novice Sportsman will be on hand while the Bandit and Mod Lites will have the night off.


August. 26 another huge night of racing will see the Modifieds have the held over feature from August. 5 plus the regular scheduled 30 lap contest, along with the final round of the Number One Speed Equipment Sportsman Series plus a full show for Novice Sportsman, Bandit and Mod Lite


The season finale on September. 2 will see the held over features from August. 5 for the Sportsman and Bandit along with a full regular card of racing in all 5 classes which includes the 50 lap 358 Modified Labor Day Championship.


The TUSA Mod Lite Series race from August. 5 will be made up during the 2 day weekend making it a Twin 20 event for the series on Friday September 16.


With so much racing going on over the next month including double features for many of the divisions, you will be sure to get your fill of racing before the end of 2016. All Friday night action will kick off at the usual 7:30pm start time.

July 29th 2016 - sponsored by Lazore's construction



By: Tim Baltz


Perfect weather and fast track conditions made for some great racing this past Friday night at the Mohawk International Raceway. Lazore's Construction was on hand for not just regular racing action but was treated to some great held over feature action from 1 week ago.


The Sportsman division kicked off the evening with their feature from July. 22 and Bruce Makinson was determined to claim his 2nd ever Mohawk win as he jumped out to a quick lead. Outside pole sitter Gabriel Cyr charged back by Makinson to take over the top spot on lap 3 bringing a very quick Zack Arquiett to 2nd with Cyr, Moise Page and Billy Cook completing the top 5 early on. On lap 8 Arquiett used the bottom lane on a track that started become very slick to take the lead away as Cyr experienced mechanical issues as Moise Page, Makinson, Anthony Rassmussen and Billy Cook continued to round out the top 5. Arquiett had the dominant car throughout the 25 lap affair as he led by well over a straight away with just 7 laps remaining. Behind the leader Anthony Rassmussen was making some noise. The 14 year old Watertown native who recently graduated from the Novice Sportsman ranks, made his way to 3rd on lap 18 then quickly got by Moise Page for 2nd, but still had some work to do to catch the leader. With the race going caution free nobody had a chance to catch Zack Arquiett as he marched to his 1st win of the season over Rassmussen, Page, Brent Kelsey who came from 9th on the grid to finish 4th and Brianna Ladouceur who made her way from 12th to finish 5th.


In the held over Mod Lite feature from July 22nd Jason Premo started on the pole but Brad Reif would be the driver who would take the lead away with Harley Brown, Scott Waldrif, Kevin Foster and Deric Ellsworth giving chase. The time at the top of the leader board would be short lived for Reif as 2 time winner this year Harley Brown took the top spot away on lap 2 and began to pull away. As the laps wound down Deric Ellsworth was charging hard getting to 3rd on lap 7 and then to 2nd on lap 9 getting by Waldrif. Brad Reif lost the handle on his machine on lap 11 bringing out the race's only yellow. On the restart Deric Ellsworth had a fast car and got by Brown for the top spot and would hold off a late race challenge by his teammate to record win number 3 over Brown, Waldrif, Rej Lemieux and Dan Reif.


The regular scheduled program saw round number 3 of the Bailey Motor Company 358 Modified Series get set to go. This race also had a lot on the line as the winner would receive a guaranteed starting spot in October's NAPA Auto Parts Super Dirt Week 358 event. With a redraw Madison Mulder and Jordan McCreadie were paired together on the front row with McCreadie getting the advantage over the rookie as they headed into turn 1. The Watertown native has been red hot at Mohawk in 2016, not only getting a win but holding on to the points lead as well, McCreadie would put on a driving clinic in the opening 10 laps as he held a straight away lead with Billy Dunn charging to 2nd over Mulder, Luke Whitteker and Corey Wheeler now 5th. On lap 13 the yellow flew for Zach Aubertine as he came to a stop off of turn 1. On the restart Dunn made a charge at McCreadie but the top lane was the place to be as McCreadie still held the race lead over Dunn, Whitteker, Danny O'Brien who came from 12th on the grid to run 4th with Corey Wheeler still back in 5th. On lap 25 Billy Dunn had plenty of right rear tire left and decided it was go time as he charged by McCreadie for the top spot and started to look like the driver from previous years as he began to put on a dominant performance. As the laps wound down it wasn't a matter of catching Billy Dunn, but just trying to stay on the lead lap. With no cautions Dunn had lapped all the way to 8th place Madison Mulder leaving the rest of the top 5 drivers to battle amongst themselves. In the end Dunn had everything in his favor as he cruised to his 2nd win of the season and 7th Bailey Motor Company 358 Modified Series win. Jordan McCreadie still held on to his points lead coming home 2nd with Danny O'Brien, Luke Whitteker and Gage Morin edging out Chris Raabe for 5th at the checkers.


In the regular Sportsman feature Bruce Makinson once again made his way to the top spot at the drop of the green flag over Billy Cook and Anthony Rassmussen. Both Makinson and Cook were both looking to run away from the field but Anthony Rassmussen was having a career night as he took over the lead on lap 5 and began to pull away from the field. In the brief history of Novice Sportsman at Mohawk, Brockville and Cornwall only 1 driver has won a Novice Sportsman and Sportsman feature in the same season and Anthony Rassmussen was on the verge of becoming the 2nd but Thomas Cook and Jesse Hudson were on the charge looking to spoil the party. On lap 18 Hudson used the outside lane to charge by Rassmussen with Cook now 3rd, Brent Kelsey and Brianna Ladouceur completed the top 5. As the laps wound down Hudson looked to be the driver in charge but a fearless Thomas Cook was on the move and working that outside lane to perfection. The top 2 drivers battled hard in and out of traffic in the final laps. But 1 minor slip by Hudson in turn 2 allowed Cook to get by on a narrow outside lane and drive on to score his division leading 3rd win of the season over Hudson, Rassmussen, Kelsey and Ladouceur.


In Mod Lite action Deric Ellsworth was looking to pull off the sweep after winning the held over 15 lap contest earlier in the night but had to come from the 6th spotto do it. At the drop of the green Scott Mere took over the lead with Scott Waldrif Brad Reif, Harley Brown and Ellsworth completing the top 5. On lap 3 Mere's machine suddenly slowed allowing Ellsworth to drive through all the traffic and take over the race lead. As the laps clicked off Harley Brown started to reel in the race leader, setting up another great battle for the win. Brown tried several times to get by on the top side but it wasn't meant to be as Deric Ellsworth would sweep both features grabbing his 4th win of the year over Brown, Waldrif, Brad Reif and Nick Mallette.


The Novice Sportsman saw Melvin Rush take over the lead at the drop of the green flag over Dana Francis and Greg Snyder. These 3 drivers put on a fantastic battle for the lead as Rush was doing all he could to hold off Snyder. On lap 3 Snyder finally powered by on the top side to take over the lead and was headed for a possible 3rd win but Nick Heywood was on the move. The multi time Modified champion on the asphalt at Airborne Park Speedway was on the move from 8th as he took over 2nd with 4 laps to go from Dana Francis and set his sights on the leader. On lap 14 Heywood got within a car length of Snyder but could not pull off the pass as Greg Snyder claimed his 3rd win of the year of Heywood who's dirt debut resulted in a 2nd place run over Dana Francis, Styles Arquiett and Junior Delormier.


The Bandit class saw Richard Thorton take the lead at the drop of the green flag over Gary Sharlow and Shane Ray. Thorton would lead the opening 4 laps before Sharlow would take over the top spot as the handling went away on his machine. Shane Ray would take over 2nd 1 lap later and begin to track down the race leader. Sharlow had a strong car and would not look back taking his 2nd win of the year over defending track champion Shane Ray and points leader Richard Thorton crossing in 3rd.


Next week Adirondack Powersports will be on hand for a full program of racing at MIR. The action begins at 7:30pm.


Mod Lite (From 7/22)

DERIC ELLSWORTH, Scott Waldrif, Harley Brown, Rej Lemieux, Dan Reif, Nick Mallette, Scott Mere, Brad Reif, Jason Premo, Kevin Foster


Sportsman (From 7/22)

ZACK ARQUIETT, Anthony Rassmussen, Moise Page, Brent Kelsey, Brianna Ladouceur, Louie Jackson Jr., Joel Hargrave, Mike Stacey, Bruce Makinson, Billy Cook, Jesse Hudson, Delbert Legrow, Jordan Miller, Ricky Thompson, Troy Fleming, Chris Frennier, Delbert Legrow Jr., Tim Smythe, Thomas Cook, Brian Comeau, Joel Herne, Sid Harmer Jr., Gabriel Cyr


Bailey Motor Company 358 Modified Series Round 3

BILLY DUNN, Jordan McCreadie, Danny O'Brien, Luke Whitteker, Gage Morin, Chris Raabe, Lance Willix, Madison Mulder, Brian McDonald, Corey Wheeler, Pat O'Brien, Todd Stone, Michael Maresca, David Papineau, Matt Woodruff, Joey Ladouceur, John Mulder, Mike Adderley, Zach Aubertine, (DNS) Keith Weston



THOMAS COOK, Jesse Hudson, Anthony Rassmussen, Brent Kelsey, Brianna Ladouceur, Louie Jackson Jr., Mike Stacey, Joel Hargrave, Zack Arquiett, Moise Page, Ryan Stabler, Bruce Makinson, Ricky Thompson, Jordan Miller, Delbert Legrow, Delbert Legrow Jr., Joel Herne, Jamie Begor, Robert Delormier, Troy Fleming, Chris Frennier, Brad Winters, Tim Smythe, Billy Cook, Brian Comeau


Novice Sportsman

GREG SNYDER, Nick Heywood, Dana Francis, Styles Arquiett, Thunder Anderson, Brian McGinnley, Jason Anderson, JP Herne, Okwari White, Melvin Rush, (DNS) Jamie LaFountain


Mod Lite

DERIC ELLSWORTH, Harley Brown, Scott Waldrif, Brad Reif, Nick Mallette, Dan Reif, Rej Lemieux, Scott Mere, Jason Premo, Ken Denny, Karine Thibault



GARY SHARLOW, Shane Ray, Richard Thorton, Lucas Brown, Scott Hurford, Sharlann Diabo




By: Tim Baltz


Even an early evening rain shower couldn't stop the racing action this past Friday night at the Mohawk International Raceway. During the 2nd Mod Lite heat rain soaked the speedway, 1 hour later, the drivers were back at it on a lightning fast surface which made the good folks at Unique Ecigs and the great MIR race fans very happy.


In the 358 Modifieds Gage Morin was looking to end some bad luck that has halted him for the better part of 2016 as he took the lead from the pole over outside pole sitter George Foley. With a fast track everybody had the throttle wide open and with clear race track Morin was able to get away from the field by nearly a straightaway. Chris Raabe was also fast on this night as he ran down the leader on lap 10. After a short caution on lap 12 Raabe got a great restart and was able to slide by Morin to take over the lead while, Jordan McCreadie, Carey Terrance and Tim Fuller completed the top 5. Driving the experimental Slack prepared number 3 on this night Tim Fuller had without a doubt, the fastest car on the speedway charging from his 13th starting spot. While Raabe pulled away and look pretty much invisible Fuller was on the charge around Carey Terrance for the 3rd spot on lap 18. Then on lap 20 was able to get by Morin for 2nd and tried to run down the race leader. With 5 to go Raabe was in command but Fuller had chipped away at the lead and was right on the back bumper of the race leader as the top 2 approached traffic. Behind the top 2 Gage Morin's great run came to an end as he slowed in turn 3 and headed pit side bringing Jordan McCreadie, Carey Terrance and now Brian McDonald to 5th. With 2 laps remaining Fuller made the move for the top spot in turn 2 as he drove by on the bottom while Raabe did all he could to hold the position on the outside. On this night Tim Fuller played it perfect as he pulled away from the field to score his first win since July. 31 of last year at MIR in the 358 Modifieds. Raabe came home 2nd while points leader Jordan McCreadie, Carey Terrance, and Brian McDonald finished out the top 5.


The Sportsman division was set to go for 25 very fast laps with Bruce Makinson taking over the race lead at the drop of the green from the pole position bringing Troy Fleming with him to the 2nd spot with Billy Cook., Gabriel Cyr and Delbert Legrow Jr. making up the top 5 spots. Makinson had a fast car and was looking for something good to happen to him since his first MIR win back on August 21st of 2015. With the top 2 drivers checking out on the field the real battle was on behind them as Billy Cook , reigning Mod Lite champion Jesse Hudson and Thomas Cook were all in a great battle for a top 5 positionas they approached lapped traffic making things very interesting as the laps wound down. With 5 to go Makinson was on cruise control but Thomas Cook was making a major push to get to the front of the field as heavy traffic was making it difficult on the top 2 drivers. On lap 22 Makinson and Fleming both lost a little momentum and like a rocket ship Thomas Cook charged on the outside from 3rd to first in turn 1 and began to pull away. From his 8th starting spot and no cautions, Thomas Cook had to work hard but it all paid off as he scored his 2nd win of the year over Makinson, Fleming, Jesse Hudson and Joel Hargrave.


The Mod Lite division also had a great battle in their 15 lap affair as Scott Waldrif took over the lead in the early going over Brad Reif, Kevin Foster, Harley Brown and Dan Reif. With Waldrif in command of the field Kevin Foster and Harley Brown were both on the move as the closed in on Waldrif's back bumper at the halfway point making up a great 3 car battle for the race lead. On lap 11 Kevin Foster charged to the inside to take control of the race while Harley Brown did all he could to keep pace and have a shot at the win. On lap 14 the fist yellow flew for Jason Paige as slowed with problems in turn 1 setting up a 1 lap shoot out. On the restart Kevin Foster was able to scoot away with no problems as he went on for his 3rd career Mohawk Mod Lite victory after weeks of struggling. Brown settled for another 2nd place finish while Scott Waldrif, Brad Reif and points leader Deric Ellsworth rounded out the top 5.


The Novice Sportsman feature saw JP Herne lead the way in a new racecar with Dudes Thompson close by in the 2nd spot. After starting 4th, and having a quick car, Thompson was able to take over the race lead on the bottom of the speedway over Herne while 7th place starter Jamie LaFountain was able to work his way to the 3rd spot. with Thompson in control Jamie LaFountain was able to get by Herne and start to run down race leader Dudes Thompson. On lap 12 LaFountain was finally able to close in on the leader and made a great move in turn 4 to drive by on the bottom for the top spot. After several wins on asphalt at Airborne and Devil's Bowl Jamie LaFountainfinally got the monkey off his back, scoring his first ever dirt feature win at Mohawk. Thompson came home with his best finish of the year at MIR with a 2nd place effort while Greg Snyder, JP Herne and Dana Francis completed the top 5.


The Bandit division saw a fantastic battle in their 10 lap feature event between 3 great race cars. Points leader Richard Thorton, invader CJ Lavair and Gary Sharlow were all locked in a great battle for the top spot. Lavair looked to have things in control but Thorton was able to get the position away on lap 6 but the race was far from over. Lavair would reclaim the top spot with 2 laps remaining while Gary Sharlow was looking to spoil the party from position number 3. On the final lap Thorton made the pass for the lead and would hold off all challenges from Lavair on the final lap to record his 4th win of the year in the Bandit division. Lavair's season debut resulted in a 2nd place effort with Gary Sharlow crossing in 3rd at the line.


Next Friday night Keegan's Tobacco will be on hand and it is Ladies Night as well with all ladies paying only $6 admission at the main gate. All 5 divisions will be in action and the first green flag will drop at 7:30 pm.


358 Modified

TIM FULLER, Chris Raabe, Jordan McCreadie, Carey Terrance, Brian McDonald, Corey Wheeler, John Mulder, Billy Dunn, Pat O'Brien, Zach Aubertine, Matt Woodruff, Nick Webb, George Foley, David Papineau, Madison Mulder, Luke Stewart, Keith Weston, Gage Morin, Luke Whitteker



THOMAS COOK, Bruce Makinson, Troy Fleming, Jesse Hudson, Joel Hargrave, Billy Cook, Louie Jackson Jr., Brent Kelsey, Zach Arquiett, Mike Stacey, Moise Page, Robert Delormier, Brianna Ladouceur, Delbert Legrow Jr., Jordan Miller, Delbert Legrow, Gabriel Cyr, Justin White, Kyle Sharp, Tim Smythe, Chris Frennier, Anthony Rassmussen, Joel Herne, Ricky Thompson


Novice Sportsman

JAMIE LAFOUNTAIN, Dudes Thompson, Greg Snyder, JP Herne, Dana Francis, Junior Delormier, Melvin Rush, Brian McGinley, Justin Cook, Jason Bruno, Styles Arquiett


Mod Lite

KEVIN FOSTER, Harley Brown, Scott Waldrif, Brad Reif, Deric Ellsworth, Dan Reif, Nick Mallette, Jason Premo, Jason Paige



RICHARD THORTON, CJ Lavair, Gary Sharlow, Shane Ray, Johnny Messenger, Lucas Brown, Devin Cook