Keegans Tobacco Night with the TUSA Mod Lite Series at the Mohawk Raceway July 31st, 2015

The last evening of July was to set to provide some exciting racing with a full slate of racing on hand with the TUSA Mod Lite series visiting for the first of two this season at Mohawk. 

After some fast paced heat events, the first feature of the night set to go as the Novice Sportsmen would take to the track for their 15 lap affair. Leading the way from the front row would be Gabe Cyr and Styles Arquiett. As soon as the green flag was thrown Cyr hopped to the top side in one while Arquiett went to the bottom in turn two. Joel Herne who had started in the 4th place position waited for no one as he quickly passed Junior Delormier and Styles Arquiett coming out of Turn 2 on lap one. Cyr was able to hold off the hard charging Herne until Lap 10 when lap traffic became an issue. Joel Herne passed Cyr coming out of 4 on lap 10 and went on to lead the next 5 laps to pick win #3 of the year.

Next up saw the Bandit division take to the track for their 12 lap feature. After a dominating performance in his heat race, Corbin Millar was up to the challenge on this night as he took the green flag and lead all 12 laps to the checkered flag. Millar was never in threat of losing the lead and entered into Victory Lane for the first time at Mohawk in 2015.

A very wise decision was made by the track to quickly make some track preparations for the remaining features as Mother Nature was looming in the distance with darkening skies.

The TUSA Mod Lites would be up next for their 25 lap series race on the speedway. Starting up front Mohawk regular Deric Ellsworth would start on the inside of Tour regular Jim Bogett. Upon taking the green flag, a slew of cars would become collected between Turns 1 and 2 bringing out the first caution. After some quick action by the Track Safety crew, the track was cleared and we returned to green flag racing. On the lap 1 restart it appeared Jim Bogett had the car to beat on this evening, however Joe Isabell had other ideas as he quickly raced from his 9th starting spot to begin contesting Bogett for the race lead. By lap 4 Bogett and Isabell were set to battle as they raced side by side for the remainder of the feature which set up a drag race on Lap 24 to the checkered flag, with Isabell sneaking past Bogett at the finish line for the win.

While the skies continued to darken, the program quickly moved along as the Sportsmen took the oval for their 25 lap main event. The front row saw Moises Page and veteran racer Delbert LaGrow ready for action as they took the green flag. By Lap 4, Page slowed to a crawl in Turn 1 bringing out the caution. On the restart it appeared to be Robert Delmorier’s night as he lead the next 10 laps coming from the 6th position. However Louie Jackson Jr was the man on the move as he passed Mike Stacey for 3rd by Lap 13 then snuck past Brianna Ladouceur on Lap 15 for 2nd. With 10 laps remaining, Jackson continued his charge to the front as he started to pressure Delmorier for the lead. With only 5 laps remaining, Jackson passed Delmorier’s #21 machine on the inside coming into Turn 3. Jackson never looked back and went on to capture his first career win at Mohawk.

To conclude the racing action for the night the 358 modifieds were ready to go. After set a blistering pace in his heat action, Tom Conklin was ready to collect another victory at Mohawk. However Gage Morin raced to the top of the speedway and quickly outdistanced himself from Conklin, Chris Raabe, and Brian McDonald. Morin would continue to work the top side to his liking and diced his way thru lap traffic creating even more of a race lead. Not to be outdone on this night though was Tim Fuller. By lap 21 Fuller was on the hunt for the race lead. Fuller found some bite on the bottom coming out of Turn 4 to pass Morin on Lap 22. Even though a caution flew for the final time on Lap 27, Fuller would not only beat the rest of the field but the rain as well. While pulling into Victory Lane, Mother Nature decided to finally open up. 


Tim Fuller 2. Gage Morin 3. Jordan McCreadie 4. Billy Dunn 5. Tom Conklin 6. Brian McDonald 7.Carey Terrance 8. Chris Raabe 9. Roy Delmorier 10. Luke Stewart 11. George Foley 12. David Papineau 13. Matt Woodruff 14. Dexter Stacey 15. Max Lmeviens 16. Craig Collier 17. John Mulder 18. Tommy Jock Jr


Louie Jackson Jr 2. Robert Delmorier 3. Brianna Ladouceur 4. Zach Arquiett 5. Mike Stacey 6. Corey Wheeler 7. Shane Pecore 8. Gilles Godard 9. Sid Harmer Jr 10. Rick Reandeau 11. Rickey Thompson 12. Billy Cook 13. Delbert LaGrow Sr 14. Bruce Makinson 15. Greg Snyder 16. Delbert LaGrow Jr 17. Tim Smythe 18. Kyle Sharpe 19. Tyler Reynolds 20. Daryl Mitchell 21. Jordan Miller 22. Moises Page


1.Joel Herne 2. Madison Mulder 3. Gabe Cyr 4. Chris Frennier 5. Jamy Begor 6. Styles Arquiett 7. Reggie Castelle 8. Jackson Gill 9. Sean Castle 10. Dana Francis


Joe Isabell 2. Jim Bogett 3. Paul Klager 4. Jeff Sykes 5. Jeff May 6. Mathieu Robinson 7. Harley Brown 8. Kevin Foster 9. Jesse Hudson 10. Deric Ellsworth 11. John Foster 12. Jason Paige 13. Marty DeMoel 14. Steven Beckett 15. Steven Jeffery 16. David Brown 17. Brad Reif 18. Ben Cartier 19. Lowell Zehr 20. Dan Desnoyers 21. Nick Mallette 22. Jeff Isabell . DNS Eric Desilets


Corbin Millar 2. Shane Ray 3. Neil Martin 4. Jake Paul 5. Curtis Smith 6. Daryl Mainville 7. Richard Thorton 8. Cory Castell 9. Roy Parrott DNS Matt Zira, Devan Cooke, John Messanger

Next week Adirondack Power Sports presents a regular racing program along with the Quebec Sprintsers. The first green flag drops promptly at 7:30pm