By: Tim Baltz


A great crowd was on hand for night number 1 of the Mohawk Nationals this past Friday night at the Mohawk International Raceway. St. Lawrence Radiology was on hand to witness race number 4 of the DirtCar 358 Modified series, the Go Nuclear Late Model Series and twin 20's for the TUSA Mod Lite Series. All drivers were ready for battle along with the great Mohawk fans.


The night began right away with the held over TUSA Mod Lite Series 20 lap feature from August. 5. Jeff May was the dominant force in his number 23 machine. May started up front and wasted no time going to the front of the pack as he led the way over Paul Klager, Deric Ellsworth, Jim Bogett and Dan Reif. May was literally on rails as he could go anywhere he wanted to on the speedway which helped him in lapped traffic while Klager, Reif, Bogett and Jeff Sykes all battled to try and stay within striking distance. No matter what the field did Jeff May had everyone covered as he scored his 2nd win of the season at MIR in a caution free event over Paul Klager, Dan Reif, Jeff Sykes and Steven Beckett.


In the night cap for the TUSA Mod Lite Series Jeff May once again was the man to beat as he drove out to a commanding lead over pole sitter Rej Lemieux, Dan Reif, Tyler Winger and Joe Isabell. Jeff May was on pace to try and make it another green to checkered event until lap 11 when Joe Isabell came to a stop in turn 2 bringing out the first yellow of the race. On the restart May continued to lead the way but 2 time 358 Modified champion at Mohawk, Jeff Sykes, was on the move. Sykes would make his way into the top 3 by lap 12 and would try at will to get by May for the lead. On lap 16 the first of several late cautions flew which gave Sykes every opportunity to get by for the win. On the final restart Jeff May did everything right as he stayed low and would march away to his 2nd win of the night and 3rd of the season over Sykes, Paul Klager, Dan Reif and Tyler Winger.


The DirtCar 358 Modified Series was ready to go for 75 laps as Gage Morin and the now 5 time track champion Billy Dunn would lead the field of 30 drivers to the green flag. Morin and Dunn would dice it up for the lead with neither driver getting a major advantage in the opening 10 laps with Erick Rudolph, Mario Clair and Jordan McCreadie giving chase. On lap 11 Nick Webb would bring out the first yellow of the night as he slowed in turn 4. On the restart Morin continued to lead but Dunn had a game plan. Driving his Rod McCready owned 949 machine Dunn would move by Morin on lap 16 leaving Morin to battle Erick Rudolph for 2nd over McCreadie and Clair. Dunn would begin to open up a big lead on the field and work the traffic with no problem but Rudolph would stay within a straight away and was looking to close in. Just past halfway Dunn continued his great drive but as the traffic got heavier Rudolph began to mount a charge. Rudolph would get to within 5 car lengths until lap 58 when Joey Ladouceur went off the speedway in turn 1 and the caution was out. When the green flew Billy Dunn was able to get away from Rudolph while Rookie Corey Wheeler was also mounting a late race charge as he closed in on the top 2 drivers. With 10 laps to go Dunn would build up another straight away lead over Rudolph and Wheeler while Gage Morin and Jordan McCreadie would finish out the top 5. At the finish Dunn was the man to beat scoring his 4th career DirtCar 358 Modified tour win at Mohawk and 3rd overall this year at MIR. Rudolph padded his points lead with a 2nd place effort over Corey Wheeler, Cornwall winner Gage Morin and Jordan McCreadie.


The Go Nuclear Late Model Series was making its return to MIR and Brandon Mowat was the class of the field through most of the 30 lap contest. AJ Kingsley would make it tough on him in the early going as the 2 drivers battled wheel to wheel for the top spot with Chad Homan, Phil Potts and defending series champion Charlie Sandercock closing fast. Mowat would break away from Kingsley by lap 14 and was putting some good distance on the field. As the field battled through traffic on lap 18, 3rd place runner Charlie Sandercock would tangle with a lapped machine on the front stretch, Sandercock would then quickly spin out in turn 2 ending his great run and possible shot at victory. Sandercock would return to finish 7th. When the green flew again AJ Kingsley did all he could to try and keep pace with Brandon Mowat while Homan, Chris Fleming and Phil Potts stayed close by. With 5 to go Mowat was in complete control and was out front by well over a straight away. In the end Brandon Mowat had the fastest car on the track and would claim his 2nd tour win of his career and his 2nd of the year by more than 4 seconds at the checkered flag. AJ Kingsley would come home 2nd with Chad Homan, Chris Fleming and Phil Potts crossing in 5th.


Saturday The good folks at Olsonfab will be on hand for day 2 of the Mohawk Nationals. The 3rd running of the Pete Mitchell Memorial takes place for the DIrtCar Sportsman Series along with the DirtCar Pro Stock Series, Richard Tenace Memorial for the Go Nuclear Late Models and the 3rd TUSA Mod Lite Series event of the weekend. Gates open at 2:30 with hot laps and time trials beginning at 4pm, the first green flag will drop on heat number 1 at 6:30 pm.


TUSA Mod Lite Series(from 8/5) (20 laps)

JEFF MAY, Paul Klager, Dan Reif, Jeff Sykes, Steven Beckett, Troy Van Allen, Harley Brown, Jeff Isabell, Michael Dion, Josh Kinney, Tyler Winger, Rej Lemieux, Craig Martin, Brad Reif, Deric Ellsworth, Tucker Halliday, Dave Brown, Jason Premo, Josy Fortier, Scott Mere, Nick Mallette, Kennith Denny, Dallas Denny, Karine Thibault, Joe Isabell


TUSA Mod Lite Series (20 laps)

JEFF MAY, Jeff Sykes, Paul Klager, Dan Reif, Tyler Winger, Jeff Isabell, Troy Van Allen, Steven Beckett, Deric Ellsworth, Nick Mallett, Josh Kinney, Scott Mere, Kevin Foster, Justin Williams, Craig Martin, Jason Paige, Sam Osborne, Brady Rookey, Brad Reif, Josy Fortier, Ben Cartier, Rej Lemieux, Jason Premo, Michael Forcier, Kevin Paranta, Harley Brown, Matt Fregoe, Kennith Denny, Michael Dion, Tucker Halliday, Dave Brown, Karine Thibault, Dallas Denny, Joe Isabell


DirtCar 358 Modified Series St. Lawrence Radiology (75 laps)

BILLY DUNN, Erick Rudolph, Corey Wheeler, Gage Morin, Jordan McCreadie, Carey Terrance, Mario Clair, Michael Parent, David Hebert, Lance Willix, Chris Raabe, Brian McDonald, Yan Bussiere, Bobby Herrington, Paul St. Sauver, Madison Mulder, Tommy Flannigan, Joey Ladouceur, John Mulder, Joel Doiron, Roy Delormier, Matt Woodruff, Luke Whitteker, Kayle Robidoux, Tommy Jock Jr., Maxime Viens, Brian Hudson, Zack Aubertine, Nick Webb, Josh VanBrocklin DNQ: Danny O'Brien, Roger Levesque, Craig Collier, Robert Delormier, Mike Stacey, Billy Eisle






Go Nuclear Late Model Series(30 laps)

BRANDON MOWAT, AJ Kingsley, Chad Homan, Chris Fleming, Phil Potts, Kyle Sopaz, Charlie Sandercock, Greg Belyea, Norman Mayhew, Adam Turner, Terry Hunt, Sean Beardsley, Mark Rayner, Billy Eisle, Austin Reid, Trevor Lewis, Brian Down, Dale Caswell, Sammy Pennacchio, Shane Tenace